lThe Maya’s Earth is being deprived from precious and vital natural resources. Source International supports local and indigenouscommunities in advocating against the environmental impact related to mining and agroindustrial projects.


Peru, is the emblem of a natural resource curse; up till date what has been the main wealth and income of the country, it  has also been the key factor for the country socio-environmental injustice.


If the past of Mexico was dotted with beautiful Aztec pyramids, as of today modern times present usnew constellations of mining projects that expropriate entire communities from their lands, stepping on  historical and protected natural areas.


Honduras,a country sadly known for the risks and death threats that human rights defenders and environmental activists face on a daily basis for advocating against mining projects and hydroelectric and timber trade.


In Italy, Source International providestechnical support to local committees and international organisation in need of scientific evidence for advocacy purpose, and also support awareness raising and capacity building initiatives with students and teachers in schools (see Training and Education page)


Mongolia has about 3 million inhabitants, who live in a territory in which thereare 3,000 billion dollars in gold, copper and coal, uranium and various minerals. For this reason the country is paying high social and environmental costs due to extractions.

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Participatory Environmental Monitoring -Pilot Project in Mozambique

Source Internationa in collaboration with  the National Agency for Environmental Quality Control (AQUA) of Mozambique and the Environmental Governance Programme (EGP) of UNDP have launched a pilot project on community-based

12th October – Abolition Columbus Day

America was not discovered … it was invaded and looted. A gesture of human solidarity with those who have suffered such violence (and still suffers it after 500 years from

Job Vacancy – Mozambique

SOURCE INTERNATIONAL is selecting a Researcher/Trainer for its operations in MOZAMBIQUE Duration 6 months / Applications deadline 30 november 2018 READ MORE HERE: PROJECT Mozambique

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SOURCE is an organization that works with communities facing environmental pollution issues and health problems, especially related to extractive industries.

Provides scientific and technical supportcompletely free of charge to the communities to assess the environmental damage of their resources in order to promote restorative actions.

It trains  local leaders so they can develop their own environmental and social monitoring system.

Cerro de Pasco
#Restore Cerro De Pasco

Cerro de Pasco is a city of Peru, hit by serious problems linked with environmental pollution related to mining extraction activities that are hurting  80,000 people.



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