14-18 December - Last call for Cerro de Pasco

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🎯 From December 14-18, GlobalGiving will match your generosity by 200% when you sign up for a NEW MONTHLY DONATION!!!
Tell your family and friends: together, we have the power to CLAIM JUSTICE for those people.

Your last chance of 2020 to donate to the project “Restore Cerro de Pasco”.
We are working to defend this community affected by mining pollution.
Many children of Cerro de Pasco had to move to Lima to get medical care because of lead poisoning that harmed all their bodies: headache, bleeding nose, stomach ache, lack of appetite, and bone ache.

🗣We plan to proceed with LEGAL ACTIONS and advocacy campaigns.👩‍⚖️

This crowdfunding campaign is essential to raise more funds to help all these efforts we carry on since 2009.
We know this moment is quite difficult for all of us. A small gift is even essential.

We currently have 5 donors who have pledged monthly donations ranging from $5 a month to $100 a month.
Our goal is to increase our current monthly donors from 5 to 15. We know that with the support of our community and individuals like you we can reach this goal!

Remember, no donation is "small"...we are TINY but MIGHTY and every donation makes an impact!

You can donate here: https://www.globalgiving.org/…/restore-environmental-healt…/

*recurring donors need to donate for minimum of 4 months!

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