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July 12, 2017

Ashoka Globalizer

#FabricOfChange Program

Bangalore - India

Flavian Bianchini, Ashoka Fellow and founder of SOURCE International, has been selected for the Ashoka Globalizer #FabricOfChange program. It is an initiative in collaboration with C&A Foundation to support social entrepreneurs to expand their impact.
Fabric of Change identifies, supports and gives visibility to leading social innovators with the most promising solutions to address social and environmental issues within the clothing industry.
These individuals have the vision, creativity and perseverance of entrepreneurs, but with a focus on solutions for the good of all. They are helping to build systems that will enable everyone to thrive and solve problems for themselves. Their collective work transforms industries and sparks global movements.

Source Internationa went to India on May 2017 as part of the Ashoka Globalizer Fabric for Change project. Fabric for Change is a project  to apply to the textile industry our community monitoring system for pollution and human rights violations.

Textile industries are one of the most polluting sector and less respectful human rights in the world: cotton production uses 10% of all pesticides in the world. Nonetheless, textile industries gives job to over 60 million people worldwide, of whom 75% are women. The aim of our project is to accredit local communities and NGOs operating in the industry with a system of community monitoring of pollution and human rights violations such as what we have successfully used in the mining industry.

The idea is to collaborate with brands that want to become more sustainable and with local communities in order to crush producers between community and buyer pressure and force them to respect human rights and the environment throughout the chain production of textile goods.

Read more about #FabricOfChange here: https://www.changemakers.com/fabricofchange

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