Internship opportunities in Guatemala

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April 12, 2018

Internship opportunities in Guatemala

SOURCE International offers two different opportunities  to take part into an international project in Guatemala about palm oil and sugar cane cultivations impacts on environment and local communities's health. We are looking for two interns for a focus on the Human Rights aspects of the study with a special focus on women.


On the southern coast of Guatemala, the expansion of large scale palm oil and sugar cane plantations has a major impact on the Madre Vieja river basin and the Champerico area. Surrounding communities face a lack of sufficient resources to sustain their livelihoods. Moreover, poor water quality and other polluting effects are affecting people’s health.
Due to the social conditions, women are disproportionally affected in this context. Currently different actions are being developed by local organization (Utz’Che) to support the affected communities to stand up for their rights. However, they lack strategies and scientific evidences to support their claim on environmental mismanagement and human rights violations. In light of this context, this project aims to collect scientific evidences on the negative impacts of agribusiness activities on water quality and quantity and how these violate human rights, with a special focus on women. Besides collecting scientific evidences, local male and female leaders will be capacitated to do socio and environmental monitoring on water flow and quality. All the findings will be used for further evidence-based advocacy towards different actors (national and international) responsible for environmental mismanagement and Human Rights violations on the ground.


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22nd april 2018

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