Drill Referendum

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March 29, 2016

One of our studies on the socio-economic analysis of mining activities in the Mediterranean Sea highlights important issues to be taken into consideration right now that there are almost 15 days left to the popular referendum for the repeal of paragraph 17 of article 6 of the legislative decree 152/2006. We have compared three areas of study: the Adriatic Sea, the Sicilian Channel and the Levantine Basin, of which we have analyzed the comparison between economic inputs and jobs generated by tourism and fishing with the mining sector.


In the Adriatic Sea alone   ,  tourism  generates as much   as $ 32 billion a year compared to 1 billion produced by the oil & gas sector  .

In the  Levantine Basin  the  jobs  that create tourism amount to 2 million , while those produced by the mining activities are only 98 thousand!

In the Sicily channel  the  fishing  generates some 54,000 jobs while the ' oil industry  only 2,900.

If extraction is not sustainable from an environmental point of view, neither is it from a social point of view, nor is it less economic!

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