Earth Hour - March 24 h 20.30-21.30

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March 13, 2018

Annual appointment with the Earth
An hour when the planet catches its breath ...

When? Saturday, March 24th from 8:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Where is it? All over the world

Who? All of us!

Why? To send a simple but concrete gesture to intervene on climate change

The event conceived by WWFAustralia took place for the first time in 2007 in Sydney between 7.30 pm and 8.30 pm and cut the city's energy consumption from 2.1% to 10.2%, with a participation of about 2.2 million people.

The Earth Hour 2008 marked the first anniversary of the event, with many individuals and even entire cities throughout the world participating in the initiative. In Italy the Colosseum and the city hall of Venice have been extinguished.

In 2014, the global event involved 7,000 cities in 163 countries.

In 2009, 4,000 cities and municipalities joined the Earth Hour.

But how much do you save in this hour in terms of carbon dioxide?

In 2008 according to WWF Thailand, Bangkok has decreased electricity usage by 73.34 megawatts, equivalent to 41.6 tons of carbon dioxide. The Bangkok Post has instead provided different data, equal to 165 megawatts saved and 102 tons of carbon dioxide less. Toronto saved 900 MW of electricity; comparing the data to the energy demand just before the start of Earth Hour, 5% of electricity was saved (8.7% if measured with respect to an average energy demand of a March night).

For skeptics and others, it must be said that it will certainly not be an hour a year to reduce our ecological footprint and save us from the devastation that climate change is bringing with it, but we certainly need these concrete actions and of these WORLDWIDE initiatives to remind us of our daily obligations towards the PLANET EARTH!

So ... what will you do to celebrate this moment?

We at Source offer you something useful that you can also apply every day, or once a week, or once a month. Once a year, no ... don't think about it !!

turn off your smartphone for an hour >> you will save electricity in the next recharge and you will enjoy an hour of your day where you will be closer to tea itself
dinner by candlelight >> but don't think about the megawatts consumed to produce that candle! Put your soul in peace, you will have to pollute in this world. It's about choosing the least bad way (a bit like when you go to vote and you have to choose the party that does less damage ..)
Get out of the house, walk around your city! You will find some lit street lights .. Maybe if you live in Genoa you risk losing yourself ... surely with excuse they take away the light to the whole city to save!

Whatever you do, think about the ENVIRONMENT, NATURE, its protection and conservation! For us it is only an hour that we carve out of our lives unfortunately unbearable 24 hours!

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