Earth Overshoot Day: every year always in advance

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August 2, 2017
Last year  was August 8th . In 2015 it was August 13th and in 200th it was in September.
In 2017,  the day of truth  arrived first: August 2nd is  the Overshoot Day .

It is the day when humanity has exhausted all the resources that the Planet had made available for the whole year. After only 8 months we have exhausted them! The causes? reckless fishing, deforestation, water use, fossil fuel extraction, agricultural activities, land consumption for farming, mining activities, etc.

We have run out of resources that the Earth is capable of regenerating in a year and there are still 5 months to the end of the current one.

What are we doing to repay this eternal debt with PachaMama?

Calculate your impact on available resources and implement accordingly to try to change things in your child!!/

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