The status of Gas Radon in Abbadia San Salvatore, Tuscany

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Closing public event of the OCRA project in the municipality of Abbadia San Salvatore, Siena

We have reached the end of this very interesting project on the radon gas in Tuscany in the municipality of Abbadia San Salvatore in the geothermal volcanic region of Monte Amiata.

We are happy and satisfied to have carried out these information and training activities in such a vulnerable area (between geothermal energy, problems of arsenic in water, and radon) but not very sensitive to the problem of exposure to the carcinogenic radioactive gas that accumulates in closed places.

The results acquired so far have highlighted the need for intervention measures: 21% of monitored dwellings has radon concentrations in the air higher than the reference limit established by Italian legislation of 300 Becquerels per cubic meter.

These rooms (49 out of 231 in total) fall into the high risk class. The radon values measured in the middle school classrooms are above the reference level of 300 Becquerels per cubic meter, even reaching double the permitted limit. Of the 231 sites monitored, 93 are part of the second round of monitoring by Arpat Toscana, so as to have an average annual value, as the legislation suggests.

As many as 40% of the citizens interviewed had never heard of radon gas before and this data denotes the urgency of information measures for citizens.

During the public meeting we shared the possible prevention measures to be implemented and the structural works to be carried out in homes, workplaces and schools to reduce indoor radon concentrations.

Massimo Moroni, radon expert

Laura Grassi, Source International

Silvia Bucci, ARPA Toscana

Delivering results to citizens

The citizens thanked us for the project and now we will let the local and regional authorities intervene in those structures where we found values above the regulatory limits.

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The project has been financed by 𝐑𝐚𝐝𝐨𝐧𝐨𝐫𝐦.

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