Giving Tuesday - Call for JUSTICE

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GIVING TUESDAY reminds people to support important projects!


On 29 November we all celebrate international giving day!

Giving Tuesday is a great opportunity for you all to π‰πŽπˆπ πŽπ”π‘ π…πˆπ†π‡π“ π…πŽπ‘ π‰π”π’π“πˆπ‚π„ for people of Cerro de Pasco, Peru, who are suffering for pollution and health disease caused by a huge mine located in the center of their town.

For 10 years we have been working to demonstrate mining responsibility for environmental pollution and government's failure to health impacts preventions.




Now, thanks to all this data, we are starting, together with international lawyers, a legal battle!

This step is so important, but really expensive for our financial resources.


Are you ready to join our fight with a donation?


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