Gold fever and denied rights

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May 29, 2017

Photo exhibition

A photographic journey that reveals what lies behind our smartphones, jewels, PCs and TVs.
An experience to discover a Dante's hell that winds through the circle of environmental externalities, expropriation, violations of human rights, crime, prostitution, diseases, murders, corruption.
A journey seen through the eyes of those who suffer the imposition of a mine and those who defend the local populations from the abuses of the great mining giants.
An opportunity to know what no mass communication means will ever show, but that affects us all as direct consumers.
We too, a little like Dante who manages to see the stars again, we can give a better end to these realities with activism, research and training.

The exhibition is hosted by the Bistrot Mentelocale of GENOA, Via Garibaldi 18, from 10 June to 10 July 2017

The exhibition consists of photographs taken by the SOURCE International team , and by unpublished shots of internationally renowned Italian photographers such as Zoe Vincenti , Stefano Stranges and Alessandro Parent and who have donated their precious works for the occasion.

Program for the inauguration event scheduled for Saturday 10 June:
17.30 Presentation of the Photo Exhibition and world overview of socio-environmental issues related to mining activities.

18.15 Speech by Caterina Carmassi, lawyer, who will explain the situation of the community of Cerro de Pasco (Peru) from the point of view of the multiple violations of human rights.

18.40 Testimony of Elmer Micha, Director of the Cultural Center for Social Development INKARI and Ariza Salazar, two Peruvian environmental activists and defenders of human rights on the conflicts in Peru and accompaniment with traditional Andean music.

19.00 Screening of 3 short films on historical cases of struggle against mines in Peru.
>> The project by SOURCE International in CerroDePasco (Peru) by Advocate Creative (Chicago, USA, 2016)
>> Aguas de oro by Simona Carnino (2015) on the battle of MaximaAcuña and the Conga project
>> Historias de Agua (REd MUqui, 2017)

19.30 End of the event and Aperitif in the garden.

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