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July 13, 2017

Source International's environmental and medical study helped in the negotiation phase to obtain the Closure Plan for mining clearance deposits and sanitary measures!

The people of Cerro de Pasco protested in Lima for almost a week chained in front of the Ministry of Health to highlight the bad and serious health situation linked to mining activities. Thanks to the protest they have reached a dialogue table with the central government where they presented the results of the health study that Source International has carried out in the last year in the area.

These actions led to declare, on June 23, the district of Simón Bolívar and Chaupimarca in EMERGENCIA SANITARIA for exposure to heavy metals. The purpose of the statement is to provide specialized care to the population exposed to heavy metals, including medical care for people who show signs of intoxication.

In addition the declaration imposes the treatment of water for potable uses. The document includes the following requirements:


  • Implementation of Effective Health Policies, for the care of thousands of those affected with heavy metals (mainly boys and girls)
  • Immediate attention to thirty-nine (39) children exposed to heavy metals
  • Compliance with Law No. 29712 modifies Law No. 26842, "General Health Law"
  • Funding for soil mechanics and topography studies for the " Construction of the Detoxification Clinic - Toxicological Laboratory"
  • On the request of Construction of the Hospital of Neoplastic MINSA and MDSB they agree to implement an Oncological Department in the Regional Hospital of Daniel Alcides Carrión.
  • Diagnosis and identification of exposure to heavy metals from Pasco's oblation (children, adolescents, older adults and pregnant women) in heavy metal poisoning, which could trigger neoplastic diseases.
  • Implementation in Cerro de Pasco, of the CDC Atlanta United States team, for the diagnosis of up to 17 heavy metals
  • Presentation of guidelines and protocols for medical care to people exposed to heavy metals


  • The OEFA undertakes to continue with the supervisory actions of the companies Óxidos de Pasco SAC, Mining Assets SAC and Empresa Administradora Cerro SAC, in order to verify compliance with the
    preventive measures
  • The OEFA and MINAM undertake to carry out the Information Workshop aimed at the population of Simón Bolívar district, where the status of compliance with preventive measures will be presented


  • Mining Assets delivers to the Mayor of the District of Simón Bolívar, the Technical File of the Excelsior Closure Plan in digital format
  • Regarding the Quiulacocha tailings deposit , in September 2017 AMSAC will begin the selection process for the studies of the Closure Plan and technical file.

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