In the library the new book by our director Flaviano Bianchini

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September 29, 2015

From today in all bookstores you will find the new book by our director Flaviano Bianchini: Migrantes - Clandestino Towards the American Dream.

Two days in jail in an unknown place, an indefinite number of assaults by criminal and "legal" gangs. And then hunger, cold, heat, thirst, the forest, the mountains, the desert and a wall to overcome, to break down. But also the solidarity and friendship of an extraordinary people and fellow travelers who, like him, seek the American dream. Thanks to his long experience in Latin America, Flaviano Bianchini turns into Aymar Blanco and undertakes the journey that thousands of people face every day to reach that ephemeral dream that is beyond the wall.

If you want to go deeper here, here is a short book trailer.

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