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Join us to push LEGAL ACTIONS

Have you ever heard about "Little x Little" Campaign?

Little actions can also change the world…as well as your donations to the historical project RESTORE CERRO DE PASCO

From April 4-8, every donation under $50 will be matched by 50%. This will make your generosity let us go further in our LEGAL ACTIONS.


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What did we already do thanks to this crowdfunding campaign?

In 6 years of the crowdfunding campaign, we reached 18,000 $ from 364 different donors. Only this represents for us an immense trust in our mission!
Funds collected through this campaign, also thanks to other foundations and projects' funds, have been used to deeply investigate contamination and human exposure in the mining territory of Cerro de Pasco in the Peruvian Andes.

Across the years:

>> We have shared our main findings with local communities to let them know the risks and preventions action to put in place.
>> We inform local authorities, regional actors, and national institutions such as Health Ministry about pollution levels and human health impacts.
>> We train local grassroots organizations to push advocacy campaigns on mining impacts on people and ecosystems.
>> We worked closely with national and international lawyers to plan a LEGAL CASE to OBTAIN JUSTICE AND INDEMNIZATION for all these human rights abuses.

A long path up to now. A long way toward the future.

We still need you to push all these efforts to the FINAL GOAL!

Would you help us one more time?

You can support this significant project by donating to the LITTLE X LITTLE EVENT!
Your donations will be doubled by the host crowdfunding campaign platform during this four-day campaign.


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