New project in Indonesia on toxic wastes in the landfill of Lakardowo

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July 13, 2017

Source is flying to Indonesia for a new project on toxic wastes

In Indonesia we will work with the local EKOTON organization in the village of Lakardowo, in the East Java region. Lakardowo opened a landfill in 2010 that houses hazardous waste from 1518 industries (including mines, oil and chemical industries) and hospitals.

The community claims that pollution due to landfill has greatly increased skin and eye diseases, and there is also an accumulation of pollutants in the supply chain and in particular in rice, that represents the 80% of their diet.

The company says that such illnesses are caused by the fact that they do not wash!

We will go there to analyze water and rice quality in order to demonstrate whether there is an increase in pollution or not. We will also make interviews and focus groups to understand how there is an impact on the human rights of local communities.

Stay tuned for updates!

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