New voice joins the mining control choir

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January 22, 2018

Pope Francis condemns mining, oil, logging and monoculture activities

During his trip in Peru, Pope Francis found in Puerto Moldonado the indigenous people of the Amazon Rainforest, victims of multiple pressures because of the legal and illegal activities that operate in his territory.

Local communities have never been consulted before about the devastating projects; They have always been subject to the dispositions of the foreigners who made their own businesses their resources. To date, the national government is responsible for not respecting the human rights of these peoples, their development needs, dignified life and health in an environment that is modified day by day to serve the voracity of predatory capitalism.

We hope that a voice, as influential as the Pope's, will be able to reinforce the struggle of these communities abandoned by the State.

We have sent to the Pope all the information about the case of mining in Cerro de Pasco, so that he will find out about the multiple violations that the population is suffering.

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