Source International celebrates two years !!!

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November 4, 2014

Here are our main results in these two years:

1. In early 2013, Source International conducted a study on the impact of oil extraction pollution in the Pastaza area in the Peruvian Amazon forest. The study proved the environmental pollution and the demonstrated impact on health and led the national government to declare a state of environmental emergency, which led to the development of a recovery plan with the regional government and the oil companies.

2. Starting in 2013, Source International conducted the project "Minerals and Mines", a project in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa. The project was done to teach students the minerals contained within a mobile phone and the impact that mining of those minerals has on the environment and public health.

3. In 2013, Source worked with the community of Carrizalillo, Guerrero, Mexico to establish a community environmental and social monitoring system. The community was able to demonstrate water and sediment pollution and link them to health problems in the area. In 2014, Source facilitated negotiations between the community and the mining company, which contributed to an agreement by the mining company to compensate for environmental damage, including scholarships, a new hospital, water wells and a new sewer system.

4. Source International has continued an ongoing project with a community in the Valle de Syria, Honduras, where Flaviano had already been working since 2006. Source is working with the community to monitor the long-term impacts of mining.

5. Flaviano Bianchini, founder and director of Source International, was an Unreasonable Fellow 2014.

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