Ten years seeking for justice

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October 1, 2022

Source International’s tenth birthday!

In these ten years we have worked in more than 40 projects, in 26 countries and five continents.

Collecting evidences across mining community in Mexico and Mongolia, to advocacy action in Indonesia against industrial wastes that contaminated rice cultivations.

Sampling waters in Liberia to highlight rubber industry impacts, to air samples in Mozambique to share data on coal mining impacts on local rural communities.

Thousand of scientific data and epidemiological evidences on extractivism impacts on environment and people have been collected across the GLOBE.

Between all our project, Cerro de Pasco has always been one of our main project and the justice for the mining city one of our top priorities. Our founders started working in Cerro de Pasco, Peru, more than ten years ago, when Source International was just an idea, or perhaps not even that. Or maybe it is the story of the city of Cerro de Pasco that inspired the foundation of Source International. The desperate need of scientific help by the Andean community that struggles to obtain justice and remedies highlighted the necessity of something like Source International.

In ten years we have highlighted the situation of pollution and health affectation in Cerro de Pasco in all possible means. We managed to get the story on BBC, National Geographic, France television and the Washington Post just to mention a few; but also in specific scientific journal like Science Direct, the International Journal of Environmental Ecology and Nature. We managed to generate interest and knowledge of the situation of Cerro de Pasco and surrounding. But we also carried out a series of advocacy and legal actions in Peru and abroad to promote remedies and compensations for the population of Cerro de Pasco.In ten years we have obtained several concrete actions for the people of Cerro. Just to list a few:

  • We have obtained the declaration of environmental emergency of the city in 2017
  • We have obtained the declaration of health emergency in 2018
  • We have obtained the isolation of the stockpiles of Paragsha in 2019
  • We have obtained that the government started the remediation of the Excelsior stockpiles in 2020
  • We have obtained that the company invested in new water treatment plant in 2021
  • We have obtained the creation of a parliamentary commission to investigate the situation of the children of Cerro de Pasco. The commission was named after one of our reports, just to highlight how relevant our studies have been.
  • Least but not last, in August this year, after a presentation of our Director Flaviano to the Parliament of Peru, the Parliament itself has approved a law to start a remediation plan and the building of a detoxication hospital. Founds for this project have already been allocated, and we are speaking about millions of soles.

But this is not enough. We want justice for the entire city and we want it now!

Currently members of our staff are on the ground to keep working towards this goal! We will keep you posted as always!In these ten years we have obtained all of this thanks to your support. Please continue to support our activities and share this with your friends so we can help the communities of Cerro de Pasco in their struggle for justice!

The new law is approved!

                                                                                                         The new law is approved!

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