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December 29, 2015

Three years together for the protection of human rights and the environment.

In these 3 years, Source has supported many communities around the world: from Latin America, to Asia, to Africa and Europe.

We have seen many deletions, a lot of violence and incalculable social and environmental injustices. Hopes that they seemed lost, they came back to life thanks to the support and solutions we put in provision of the most disadvantaged and vulnerable communities in the world, victims of corporate damage mining.

Main actions in 2013:

1. We have a given legal opinion on the mining law of Honduras in order to obtain one more respectful of the environment and human rights. Thanks to our work the law has now been approved.

2. We supported the indigenous communities of the Pastaza river basin, in the Peruvian Amazon, to identify the sources of pollution of the Pastaza river caused by an oil company. These activities led to the declaration of the state of "environmental emergency" in the area.

3. We have supported the communities of the Asana river valley, also in Peru, to assess and identify the sources of pollution in the area.

4. We have expressed a technical opinion on the environmental section of the Senegal mining law in order to obtain a law that is more respectful of the environment and health.

5. We have implemented an environmental monitoring program for oil extraction in Basilicata, Italy, with the participation of local secondary schools.

Main actions in 2014

1. The study on the impact of oil extraction pollution in the Pastaza area in the Peruvian Amazon forest and the demonstrated impact on health led the national government to develop a recovery plan with the regional government and oil companies.

2. Since 2013 Source International has carried out the project "Minerals and Mines", a project in collaboration with the Natural History Museum of the University of Pisa. The project was done to teach students the minerals contained in a mobile phone and the impact that mining of those minerals has on the environment and public health.

3. Source worked with the community of Carrizalillo, Guerrero, Mexico to establish a community environmental and social monitoring system. The community was able to demonstrate water and sediment pollution and link them to health problems in the area. In 2014, Source facilitated negotiations between the community and the mining company, which contributed to an agreement by the mining company for compensation for environmental damage, including scholarships, a new hospital, water wells and a new sewer system.

4. Source International has continued an ongoing project with a community in the Valle de Syria, in Honduras, where Flaviano was already working since 2006. Source is working with the community to monitor the long-term impacts of mining.

Main actions in 2015

1. We have completed a study on the impact of the Yanacocha mine in the northern Peruvian Andes with a focus on the health effects of heavy metals encountered in the waterways of the area that represent the main source of drinking water for the city of Cajamarca.

2. We followed the environmental and health monitoring in the Syria Valley in Honduras to testify how the San Martin mine, 8 years after closing, continues to pollute the environment and the territory of the municipality of San Ignacio and to damage the health of former workers of which we have analyzed the concentration of heavy metals in the hair.

3. We have been to Mongolia to demonstrate the damage of the AUM gold mine in the Ult and Buuruljut valley where the watercourses have concentrations of heavy metals varying up to 900 times higher than the limits allowed by law. We have recorded countless violations of the human rights of the indigenous people of the valley.

4. We have been working on a major project for the WWF Mediterranean regarding the analysis of socio-economic and environmental damages in the extraction of gas and oil in the Mediterranean.

5. We returned to Mexico for two projects: the first concerning an environmental impact study and on the human rights of a potential mining project in the Eastern Sierra Madre. The second in the state of Sonora for an independent analysis on the contamination due to the leakage of an acid solution and enriched with pollutants in the 200 km that connect the mine to the drinking water dam of the city of Hermosillo. The study served to ensure that the communities impacted along the Rio Sonora could seek legal protection against the multiple actors responsible for the incident. The case had an international resonance.

Don't let this stop bringing the change you want for everyone's future!

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Source is an organization that grows and exists THANKS TO YOU!

Source International staff

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