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Check out our project's video about the first citizen monitoring of radon gas in Italy

During 6 months project in 2023-2024 we collected 231 environmental data of radon concentration distribution inside the municipaloty of Abbadia San Salvatore (SIena) to arise citizens and local authorities awareness on radon health risks and mitigations measures.

Important project outcome:

>> The Regional Environmental Protection Agency of the Tuscany Region (ARPAT) has joined the OCRA project and continues monitoring radon gas in 100 homes.
>> The Tuscany Region is planning training courses for the Public Administration on the risk and mitigation of radon gas. It will shortly launch a new monitoring study in the Monte Amiata area, extending the measures to other municipalities.
>> The middle school will be relocated to a new construction structure. In the meantime, ARPAT will carry out targeted studies to understand the source of pollution and proceed with measures to reduce indoor concentrations in classrooms.

We will participate to the 10th International Conference on Social Sciences and Humanities in Ionising Radiation Research (RICOMET) in Slovenia in June 2024 presenting our Citizen Science Monitoring Project on Radon Gas MOnitoring.

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